Why Aquaclean®?

Why Aquaclean®?   

Chieftain’s latest woven fabric is Carousel. A luxurious fabric in a range of bright vibrant colours made using Aquaclean® technology. This is an innovative fabric manufacturing process which allows stains to be removed using water only.  Aquaclean’s® unique stain release technology ensures that the majority of stains including wine, ink, sauce, fat, mud, chocolate and cream can easily be removed. This high performance fabric is composed of 2 efficient parts. The base layer is composed of almost 60% recycled cotton. The top layer consists of many polyamide fibres which are drawn to the base layer using magnetic attraction. These tiny fibres are pretreated with a miro detergent which prevents dirt from penetrating the fabric. 

What is Safe Front®

Safe Front® provides a patented unique protection from dust mites and bacteria. This protective shield is a totally ecological and harmless method of eliminating the presence of mites and bacteria in fabric. 

Safe Front® works by ensuring that the fabric is not conducive for dust mites and bacteria to reproduce thus providing a totally hygienic upholstery material. 

Dust mites are the cause of almost 70% of allergies while bacteria are the principle cause of infections, bad smells and resistance to antibiotics in hospitals. Safe Front® provides a hostile environment to dust mites and bacteria without resorting to the use of insecticides or volatile substances. 

Years of research have gone into the production of Safe Front®. The initial challenge was always to be as ecological as possible while also  eliminating the conditions in which bacteria thrive. Mites and bacteria will not be able to reproduce or survive on a fabric with Safe Front®. The protective shield contains inorganic particles which are completely humidity resistant, resulting in a totally hygienic, anti-allergic and odour free fabric. 

Is Aquaclean® a Clean and Eco-Friendly Product

Fabrics with Aquaclean® Technology have been certified with the ‘Made in Green®’ registered trademark. This guarantees the absence of harmful substances in fabrics and ensures the manufacturing process respects the environment. 

Does Aquaclean® Contain any PFC’s?

Aquaclean® does not contain any PFCs (Perfluorocarbons). These are artificial substances that have been used in the textile industry because they are efficient at repelling water, oil, grease and dirt in general.

PFCs or Perfluorinated compounds are frequently applied to fabrics in order to make them stain resistant. They are considered to be persistent and bioaccumulative, meaning they accumulate in the tissues of living organisms.

They are also a hazard for the environment because they are not biodegradable and have an extremely long-life span. 

The European Commission is currently drawing up a proposal to reduce the use of PFCs while listing them as hazardous substances which should no longer be used. 

Aquaclean® believes it is our responsibility towards future generations to avoid the use of these harmful substances.  This is something which we at Chieftain have had at the forefront of our manufacturing process planning for some time. 

Clean in 3 easy steps:

  1. Remove excess residue. 
  2. Apply water over the stain, either directly or using a damp cloth. Wait a few seconds.
  3. Press down over the stain with a damp cloth and rub gently in circular movements. 

Can I use Alcohol to clean stains?

Aquaclean® does not recommend alcohol or any other kind of solvent for cleaning textile fabrics. Alcohol and other solvents degrade the fibres and other components and will negatively affect the useful life of upholstered furniture. 

Water is all you need to clean your Aquaclean fabric, however, in the toughest cases you may use neutral soap diluted in water. 

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