Clerkenwell Design Week 2023: Showcase of Innovation and Style

Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) 2023, the UK’s largest and free design festival, recently concluded with resounding success. Held from 23rd to 25th May, this highly anticipated event attracted a record-breaking number of attendees, with Chieftain Fabrics among the visitors. With a total of 37,725 visitors from both the UK and overseas, CDW 2023 witnessed the best attendance results in its 14-year history, surpassing the figures from 2019 by an impressive 24%. Alongside Chieftain Fabrics, design enthusiasts from around the world gathered to explore the exhibitions and showrooms and bask in the exceptional weather that enhanced the overall experience.


Exploring the Exhibitions and Showrooms:

CDW 2023 presented an extraordinary showcase of design excellence across a multitude of exhibitions and showrooms. Chieftain Fabrics was among the multitude of visitors who immersed themselves in this event. From awe-inspiring installations to ground-breaking design concepts, the event provided an opportunity to witness the latest trends and innovations first-hand. The sheer number of exhibits ensured that every design aficionado found something to captivate their imagination.



The remarkable success of this year’s event was undoubtedly influenced by the infectious energy that permeated the festival. From the moment attendees stepped foot in Clerkenwell’s streets, they were greeted by a palpable sense of creativity which fostered engaging conversations among design professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Reel: Our Day at Clerkenwell

We have created a reel that showcases the highlights of our day at the festival. From the stunning exhibitions to the engaging talks and workshops, the reel captures the essence of the event and our enthusiastic participation. We invite you to have a glimpse of what we experienced.

Perfect Weather:

The sun-drenched days and clear skies provided the ideal backdrop for exploring outdoor installations, attending open-air talks and events, and enjoying social interactions in outdoor settings. The exceptional weather enhanced the sense of discovery, making the experience even more memorable for all attendees, including Chieftain Fabrics.

A Networking Haven:

Clerkenwell Design Week has long been regarded as an essential networking event for industry professionals, and CDW 2023 was no exception. With its record-breaking attendance, the festival offered an unparalleled platform for Chieftain Fabrics and others to connect with a diverse range of customers, designers, and architects. Engaging in meaningful conversations and establishing valuable connections enriched the experience, fostering collaborative opportunities and opening doors for future collaborations.


Spotlight on Upcoming Trends and Styles:

At CDW 2023, Chieftain Fabrics had the privilege of exploring cutting edge design trends and styles. The exhibitions and showrooms showcased an impressive array of emerging concepts, innovative materials, and captivating aesthetics that are poised to shape the industry. Being part of this event allowed Chieftain Fabrics to gain invaluable insights into the evolving demands and preferences of customers, empowering them to stay ahead of the curve and continue providing innovative solutions.



Chieftain Fabrics, along with thousands of design enthusiasts from all over the world, reveled in the inspiring exhibition and the captivating atmosphere of CDW 2023. The delightful weather enhanced the overall experience and made for a relaxed holiday feeling!