Reducing our footprint-reusing our packaging

The nature of our business, and the delicate structure of fabric means that we need to use a lot of packaging.

In order to minimise the amount of packaging we use in the first place, we have redesigned some of our processes.

We now use, where possible, biodegradable polythene when wrapping our vinyl products and our cardboard cores are from sustainable sources only. Also, every pallet that comes in, goes back out again. Sometimes they take a bit of repairing but its something we’re happy to do.

In the office we use solar heating in winter and convection cooling systems in the warmer months.
Computers and equipment are set-up in energy saver mode and items on stand-by are switched off in the evening.

At the end of our products life cycle, we embark upon plastic recycling. The PVC can be stripped away from the cotton and reused.
Typically, our PVC is re-used in electrical wiring. So the next time you wire a plug, that blue or brown wire may just be an ex Chieftain Fabric.