Chieftain Fabrics new Crib 7 range ‘Protect-7’

What does Crib 7 mean?


The Crib 7 certification has its origins in the BS5852 standard which is used to assess the ignitability of upholstery fabric. This standard is divided into three levels; 1, 5 and 7, depending on the end requirement of the fabric, with Crib 7 being the highest level with the most rigorous testing. This high-performance fabric is generally required for specific environments which pose difficulty when it comes to making an  exit, such as oil rigs, intensive care units or prisons. 

The testing involves placing a frame on the upholstered chair over 35g/m2 Combustion Modified High Resilience (CMHR) foam and setting it alight.  The frame used for Crib 7 testing is significantly larger and heavier than that used for Crib 5 (UK contract standard). It weighs 127 grams compared to 17g and provides a much more intense flame than that used for Crib 5 testing.



There are two performance requirements that must be met for fabric to pass the Crib 7 test. The maximum duration permitted for progressive smouldering is 60 minutes and the flame must self-extinguish within 13 minutes. It is a difficult certification to obtain. Fabrics must be treated with high levels of flame retardants in order to pass and this can make for a stiff and unyielding product.

Overall, Crib 7 fabric is a reliable and durable choice for a wide range of applications. Its resistance to fire makes it an excellent choice for anyone in need of a high-quality fabric that can stand up to heavy use, as it is generally a heavier, thicker fabric than that used for standard contract purposes.


Protect 7 (from top – down): Cloudy, Holly, Cerise, Porter, Terra, Rio Red, Shadow and Spellbound.

Protect 7


Protect 7 was created after a number of years’ development to be a high-performance fabric with a soft handle that would be suitable for any type of application, and in particular, high-risk facilities such as oil rigs, prisons, and intensive care units. It is also ideal for use in planes, trains, or any other location where egress is difficult.

One of the key features of Protect 7 is its durability. It has a PVC and PU topcoat that makes it soft and supple to the touch, while also being extremely tough and long-lasting. It has a Kevlar backing cloth, which is a strong synthetic fibre that can withstand intense heat.

In addition to its durability, Protect 7 is also designed to be hygienic. It is certified for ISO22196, meaning that it will not support the growth of MRSA, E Coli, or other harmful bacteria. This makes it ideal for use in medical settings and other environments where cleanliness is a top priority.


Protect 7 Holly


Protect 7 is available in 8 different colourways, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. It has also been certified for 100,000 Martindale rubs, which is a measure of its resistance to abrasion. This high level of abrasion resistance makes Protect 7 an excellent choice for applications where the fabric will be subjected to heavy use.

Overall, Protect 7 is a reliable and high-quality crib 7 fabric that is suitable for a wide range of uses. Its durability, antimicrobial properties, and 8 colour choices make it an excellent option for anyone in need of a strong and reliable fabric. 


Protect 7 Terra


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