Santander Bank

This project was for a high traffic, high demand application in a major high street bank. Chieftain had been commissioned to develop a one off product using the latest in lacquer technology and which can withstand the vast majority of stains including ink & makeup.

Given the high profile nature of this project, and the need for a fast turnaround, we colour matched our Chieftain Casco vinyl fabric in the corporate colour as requested.

We worked closely with our customers on this project and given the need to minimise downtime in the high street stores, and the fast turnaround of the colour match, we provided the fabric from concept to delivery in four weeks.

Clearly with the high volume of users in each branch, customers will be using each piece of furniture for a short period of time, but this high traffic use leads often to rips and tears in fabric coverings. This is where a durable vinyl comes into its own. Vinyl is a plastic coated fabric which is designed to be pliable and waterproof. This means that it can be wiped clean, which is useful when there are spills, but also means that the product can accentuate the comfort of an easy chair for a customer who may have to wait longer than expected.

Allied to this, the maintenance regime was of paramount importance for this customer. In keeping with their brand positioning, it is important that a product continues to look good through the useful life of the furniture. It may be more difficult for a woven fabric to continue to look the same as it does at installation. Vinyl fabric, however, is designed to last. The pigments are engineered to withstand constant daily use without the need for any more than a daily rinse with mild soap and water.