Vision Express

Vision Express is one of the largest retailers of spectacles and contact lens products in the UK marketplace. With over 390 stores in the UK and 110 in Poland, Vision Express is one of the most recognisable high street eye care brands.

We have been working with Vision Express through a number of their subcontractors for over five years now. We were originally commissioned to colour match our super durable Chieftain products in the corporate colours of Sage and Teal, and we have continued to provide these original products to the company for refits, refurbishment and new store builds.

Vinyl was perfectly suitable for this project, given the high frequency of visitors to the store and the need to reinforce the high value brand positioning of the company. A comfortable and clean seat is a necessity. We used our most durable product, Chieftain Casco in this solution, as we knew that there is no way that the product would not outlast the furniture.