Our entire range of Just Colour vinyl is Crib 7 compliant. So what does this really mean for you?

What is Crib 7?

A Crib 5 test is the required certification for contract applications in the UK and Ireland. The test involves placing fabric over a chair and lighting a wooden ‘crib’ that is placed on top of the fabric. A Crib is a small frame (similar to a wooden pallet) with 5 layers. When this is ignited, the fabric is expected to self-extinguish and emit as little smoke as possible in order to pass the test.

The theory is, the bigger the crib, the bigger the flame. A Crib 7 test involves the same theory as the Crib 5 test, however the wooden crib is bigger, with 2 extra layers. As a result, the fabric is exposed to a more intense flame and therefore, more intense heat. The ability of the fabric to self-extinguish under such extreme conditions forms the basis of the Crib 7 test.

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What is Crib 7 required for?

Crib 7 is the highest fire rating across the UK and Ireland.  It is most commonly required for locations where evacuation is difficult in the event of a fire, such as prisons, mental health institutions and offshore installations.  We believe, that in the not too distant future, Crib 7 fabrics will be made compulsory in all care homes.  Although it is not mandatory, Crib 7 is being specified more and more for this sector.

Just Colour and Crib 7, the Facts:

Just Colour vinyl has been assessed with testing company High Street Textile and Testing Ltd for the BS5852 Crib 7 certificate.  It has taken many years to formulate the correct recipe in order to retain the supple feel of the vinyl fabric whilst maintaining the necessary level of inherent flame retardant ingredients.  At Chieftain, as we have full control of our production, it is possible for us to make these changes to our fabrics in-house.

Generally speaking, a Crib 7 fabric should be used in conjunction with a fire retardant foam, as it is such a stringent test.  Just Colour can be used in conjunction with either Crib 1 – Crib 5 foam or a Class 0 foam, depending on the degree of fire retardancy required.  Crib 5 foam is most commonly used.   However Class 0 foam is an extreme-performance foam which  provides an extra level of fire retardancy for high hazard locations and is black in colour.

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help with questions.

Please find our Crib 7 Certificate Here: JustColour-Crib7-2017